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755Canpa hatch parts needed

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  • Cristina N. Staats
    Mar 6 3:16 PM
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      Good morning from Beaufort, NC. We have been here for five weeks & find
      it difficult to move on. Other liveaboards say we have entered the
      "Beaufort Zone". A place where nothing leaves. We will; not just yet!
      The people are wonderful. The weather has been excellent.

      Last night Steve Lochner aboard his beautiful Nicholson 48 arrived in
      town. Steve, as some of you may remember from previous onelist
      postings, was in the process of restoring "Equis" near his home in
      Sandusky, Ohio. He and his two sons are out cruising on what must be
      the most beautiful Nicolson 48 in the world. The rehab took too long,
      but the results are spectacular.
      Beaufort (that's Bo-fort) has set some kind of record in terms of the
      total number of Nicholsons here. There are three 35's. Random Run
      (CN-35 #126), Wantok (CN-35 #210), Iona (CN-35 #135), Equis (CN-48)
      and Serannity (CN-48). It's quite a treat to see all these Nicholsons.

      Does anyone have an extra black plastic slider used to keep the
      overhead hatch open at various angles. The detent pin broke on one of
      ours. If you have an extra you would sell/trade, donate or whatever
      please send us an e-mail so we can discuss the arrangements. We
      appreciate your help.

      Jack & Cris Staats CN-35 #135