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  • Jteipen@aol.com
    Feb 8, 2000
      In a message dated 2/8/00 1:26:50 AM Pacific Standard Time,
      se@... writes:

      << Thank you for your answer. I have a slight language problem with
      the technical terms; by packing flax are you referring to the yarn
      that is also used for plumbing? If so why 'diameter' and did you
      grease the packing in some way?

      By packing flax, I was referring to the material that is used inside the
      packing gland that keeps the seawater from leaking in around your engine
      shaft. This same material is used to seal the rudder shaft in the area that
      I mentioned before in my previous message. It is generally sold in any
      marine store in about 1/2 meter lengths and in many different thicknesses.
      It may be very similar to plumbing flax but as I remember, plumbing flax is
      the thickness of string. Marine flax is much thicker than that. I have the
      correct size because Camper Nicholsons supplied it to me and had already cut
      it to the proper length to fit around the rudder shaft. I would have to
      measure it for you next time I'm on the boat but I would estimate the
      thickness to be between 7 and 10 mm thick. I used this to repack my rudder
      packing gland last November during a haul out.

      I'm sure the people at your boatyard can help explain this better than I have
      but if you have any other questions please ask.

      SV Alegria
      CN 35 -68
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