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716Re: Any News?

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  • Jteipen@aol.com
    Feb 4, 2000
      In a message dated 2/4/00 1:55:51 AM Pacific Standard Time,
      se@... writes:

      << 2) I seem to have a small leak, which I believe to have located to the
      rudder stock. How is this made: o-rings(?) and how do I tighten it? >>


      Your rudder stock has a packing gland which keeps the water out. You should
      find a large flange fitting with two bolts around the rudder stock where the
      stock passes down through the hull. Once you remove the bolts, you should be
      able to slide the flange up along the shaft to access the old packing , clean
      it out and put in several rows of new packing. It might take some prying
      since the packing flax tends to hold the flange in place.

      I just repacked the gland on Alegria during a recent haulout and could
      provide the diameter of the correct packing flax if you like. I don't think
      trying to repack it with the boat in the water is advisable but it might be
      possible. If you don't want to haul, you might try just tightening the
      flange bolts a bit to see if you can stop the leak or slow it down.

      Jim Teipen
      SV Alegria
      CN 35-68
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