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714Re: Any News?

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  • Dennis Gibbons
    Feb 4, 2000
      !. A padeye screws into the threads and a block is attached to that padeye.
      If you can find a screwin padeye I;m sure the rest is easy
      2. There is a stuffing box at the stock entrance. It may be leaking there.
      I had a slight leak not from the stuffing but where the box itself had
      worked loose from the hull. I thghtened up those 4 nuts and its fine not.
      Just don't tighten those bolts too much as you may pull them from the rudder

      BTW I got no reply from Cherryl either. I will have to fabricate a flap to
      cover one of my secondary cockpit scuppers and also make new hull zincs.
      Denice, you have alrady done the latter. How hard was it?
      (on the road)

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      From: Sten Engelstoft <se@...>
      To: <campernicholson@onelist.com>
      Sent: Friday, February 04, 2000 4:49 AM
      Subject: Re: [campernicholson] Any News?

      > From: "Sten Engelstoft" <se@...>
      > I tried to contact CN aftersales (Cheryl Whitlam-Hibbert) even
      > before the sad news reached our news group, but alas have had no
      > reply either.
      > My original questions were the following:
      > ------------------------------------
      > 1) On my Nic 35 #112 there are two rhomb shaped stainless fittings
      > on the deck, allegedly to place sheet blocks for a storm jib. The
      > actual fittings, as mounted in the deck, are in perfect condition as
      > are the plugs, however, the fastenings (to replace the plug) for
      > padeyes or blocks are missing. Would CN be able to provide new
      > ones or would you advise me to have something manufactured
      > locally?
      > 2) I seem to have a small leak, which I believe to have located to the
      > rudder stock. How is this made: o-rings(?) and how do I tighten it?
      > -----------------------------------
      > As for question no 1) I'm sure that I can fix something locally
      > however, could anybody tell me how the original arrangement is? is i
      > just a padeye or is the intention to mount a block.... does anybody
      > have a photo?
      > Rosemarie Boeck / Sten Engelstoft
      > S/Y BLAAMUSLING, Copenhagen (CN35 #112, XPA6079)
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