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711Re: Any News?

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  • Sten Engelstoft
    Feb 4, 2000
      I tried to contact CN aftersales (Cheryl Whitlam-Hibbert) even
      before the sad news reached our news group, but alas have had no
      reply either.

      My original questions were the following:
      1) On my Nic 35 #112 there are two rhomb shaped stainless fittings
      on the deck, allegedly to place sheet blocks for a storm jib. The
      actual fittings, as mounted in the deck, are in perfect condition as
      are the plugs, however, the fastenings (to replace the plug) for
      padeyes or blocks are missing. Would CN be able to provide new
      ones or would you advise me to have something manufactured

      2) I seem to have a small leak, which I believe to have located to the
      rudder stock. How is this made: o-rings(?) and how do I tighten it?

      As for question no 1) I'm sure that I can fix something locally
      however, could anybody tell me how the original arrangement is? is i
      just a padeye or is the intention to mount a block.... does anybody
      have a photo?

      Rosemarie Boeck / Sten Engelstoft
      S/Y BLAAMUSLING, Copenhagen (CN35 #112, XPA6079)
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