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6731Re: Andromeda Of Arisag / Hull 167 / Carl Hurth HBW Gearbox Prop Shaft Coupling

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  • tom1us2001a
    Jun 9, 2014

    Hi Jorgen,

    Your should not have any oil in that coupling. Even if the gear box was leaking I wouldn't think the oil would travel up the slope of the shaft to the coupling. I have the same coupling (see attached photo). My gearbox was leaking and the oil never went into the the coupling. You can take the coupling off and clean it with soap and water. It should be dry and clean. The coupling is not a part of the gearbox. There are many different styles of couplings. I like the one we have do to it being a flexible coupling. Most are hard couplings which require you to have the engine/shaft alignment near perfect. If your alignment is off that could be putting extra stress on the black rubber bushings in the coupling, then adding some water you would end up with a mucky black mixture running out that resembles oil. Might be able to just clean things up and check engine/shaft alignment. The 4 bolts that hold the coupling to the gear box flange should also be wire tied together. I may have a photo of the couple in pieces, I'll look and if I find it will post a copy.

    PS: I did once install a PSS shaft seal (which barely fits) but had it fail so I went back to the tried and true stuffing box.

    CN35-199 Dream

    ---In campernicholson@yahoogroups.com, <jveslov@...> wrote :

    The Carl Hurth HBW 15 2.8 DV Gearbox has a Prop Shaft Coupling installed, on the front of the Gearbox as to the Stern Gland / Shaft End end.

    ZF Germany bought Carl Hurth and market today a similar gearbox (ZF15HBW). No mention of a Prop Shaft Coupling in the original CH 1971 Manual nor the current ZF Manual.

    The Prop Shaft Coupling has started to leak oil which in turn is being located "around" the gearbox area.

    Prior to repair:

    The Engineer asked if the location (Front) rather than on the actual shaft is a standard procedure on NIC 35/Carl Hurth Gearboxes. In their current installations the Coupling is located between the Gearbox, Stern Gland and Shaft.

    The Engineer asked if any other NIC35 owners have removed the Coupling from the Front of the Gearbox?

    Any suggestion, observation and comments appreciated.


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