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6707RE: [campernicholson] SV Coromandel - Hull No 66

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  • Charles Popenoe
    May 27 10:03 AM

      Welcome to the Chesapeake, Linda and Andy! 


      I hope you enjoy the Chesapeake this summer.  In my admittedly biased mind, it is the best cruising anywhere.  Just prepare for the three summer banes – jellyfish, bugs and sun!  During peak summer heat, they can make for tough going.  Try to stay in the breeze, and make good use of the awning.


      Solomons is another great mid-bay harbor, just north of the others mentioned.  It is a small town set up for sailors, with several marinas to choose from.  We have kept CN38 “Rampant” there for many years, at Zahnisers.  Let me know if you desire more info.  I would love to see your CN if you come to Solomons (as well as Tom and Ralph’s in VA).


      By the way, hope everyone in the Chesapeake region enjoyed the great weather over the past weekend.  We cruised to the mouth of the Potomac and stayed at Smith Creek, Piney Point and Yeocomico River.  It was as beautiful as Memorial Day weekend as I can recall.



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      Hi Tom, Did you get my email about being nearby, Yankee #99 and I are here Argonaut# 8, at Yankee Point. I am sure my buddy and I would like to get together.





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      Forgot to mention, Deltaville is really small town but has a lot of Marinas/yards. There is a West Marine store and some of the boat yards cary a good supply of parts. Parts, grocery and restaurants are all in walking/biking distance of the marinas. Deltaville is also at the end of the state Hwy so there is no through traffic. I've kept Dream there for 12 years now and find it to be a safe place to keep a boat.


      On Tue, May 27, 2014 at 7:31 AM, Linda Lane Thornton lindalanethornton@... [campernicholson] <campernicholson@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


      Hi Everyone

      Coromandel has just arrived in Chesapeake Bay from Virgin Gorda.  We hope to spend the summer cruising around the Bay.

      Does anyone know of a marina or boatyard where we can keep her for a few weeks while we go back to the UK?  Somewhere reasonably priced?

      Thanks for any help.


      Linda and Andy


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