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6314RE: [campernicholson] Life Raft Mounting on Coach Roof / NIC 35 "Andromeda of Arisaig"

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    Jun 12, 2013

      We have a Viking 6 person life raft in a stainless steel cradel  that is is mounted forward of the dodger position on the main hatch cover.   It's secured to the cradel by a single nylon strap running port and starboard with a quick release and the life raft inflation rip cord/painter is attached to the cradel.   In addition to the ability to launch the raft manually,  there is a hydrostatic mechanism on one side of the nylon strap, which is designed to release and trigger inflation of the raft automatically underwater at 10 meters of water pressure.  


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      Hi Jorgen,


      We have a set up on Trutz with the liferaft (4 man canister) mounted on teak blocks forward of the sprayhood.  I will send you pictures at the weekend.  We have the liferaft held on with ratchet straps currently but I am going to upgrade this to a purpose built stainless steel cradle with quick release clips.  This will screw straight in to the teak blocks which are through bolted on the hatch garage. 


      We also have a hole in the port block which you can tie the liferaft painter to.  We leave it permanently rigged.  If the raft goes over the side it will inflate and remain attached to the boat. 


      It is a simple set up and doesn’t cut visibility down too much.






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      Subject: [campernicholson] Life Raft Mounting on Coach Roof / NIC 35 "Andromeda of Arisaig"



      While sailing in the Baltic we need to move the SEAGO 4 Person Life Raft from the Push Pit to another location. The Aft Locker fit, however, it is already in other use.

      I am considering placing the Life Raft on the Coach Roof, within a Cradle and secured by straps.

      Any other member who have place their life raft on the Coach Roof and if so may share their experience,ideas or drawings.

      Any help appreciated.


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