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6277Re: [campernicholson] HURTH GEARBOX

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  • Graham Norbury
    Apr 15, 2013
      An easy test to see if the vent is working is to run the transmission with the valve and tube in the #7 hole open.  Lead the tube upwards and see if the oil gets pushed up the tube.  At any rate, it should stop leaking past the seals once the case is open to the atmosphere.  If leaks continue, it pretty much confirms a bad seal and/or shaft


      On 4/15/2013 8:34 AM, Don wrote:

      Thanks for the responses.

      I have the model HBW15 2.8RV which does not have a dipstick. The oil level is correct when oil overflows from the number 7 hole (as per Hurth manual). As I thought I was overfilling I replaced the plug, in the number 7 hole, with the nipple, clear tube and valve but on occasions I am overfilling.

      I will check the breather hole but failing that I am thinking that I will have to remove the gearbox.

      My cruising areas of Caribbean Basin and South America are at times so remote that a gearbox failure would be a problem. Trying to find ATF in the Bahama Out Islands this winter was difficult and checking gearbox oil level every day and topping up with the attendant loss of oil from overflow is messy and frustrating.

      Thanks again - good have other opinions and experiences.

      Don Cleland

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