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  • johnbaillie@btinternet.com
    Apr 14, 2013

      When I first bought Nic 35, Amaryllis, I had continual problems with gearoil being thrown out of the Hurth Vee Drive. I kept on topping up with ATF to the dipstick level. I reduced the amount of oil to the value shown in page 14 of the manual I have. I've put a copy in the Hurth Owner's Manuals folder I've created in the Yahoo Group. The oil never reached the dipstick and no more was thrown out.

      I'm now wondering whether I have misread the manual and have a blocked vent as Graham describes. Time to recheck.

      Anyway, if you have one of the models listed, you can drain and refill with the correct amount of ATF and eliminate one variable from the equation.

      John Baillie

      --- In campernicholson@yahoogroups.com, "Don" <canbrisas@...> wrote:
      > Saunterer has a Hurth Gear Box and I have a
      > continual minor oil leak which may or not be from the seals or it may just be caused by overfilling with oil.
      > In an attempt to ensure that I do not overfill I have removed the sump overflow plug and screwed in a nipple with a clear plastic hose and valve with the open end of the tube into a container to catch the overfill. I fill to the level where oil is seen in the clear plastic tube and open the valve to drain the excess into the container. There is a time lag issue because after I drain the excess and wait 10 minutes l again have overflow oil in the plastic tube.
      > After running the engine for a few hours I see a small amount of oil in the sump. I am not sure if this self overflowing (as per Hurth's manual in the case of overfilling) or if the oil seals are weeping. I have no oil leaks after a 6 month lay up. Also, as the gearbox is run the oil heats up and will expand so maybe that is a contributing factor to the oil weep.
      > I would like to hear back from other owners with a Hurth gearbox on their experience regarding leaks, filling and the self leveling overflow.
      > If all the other Hurth's are leak free then I guess I have to remove the gearbox and redo the oil seals but I would rather avoid that if other owners experience this same problem.
      > Thanks also for the response on the B & G instrument issue I posted a few weeks ago - it was very helpful and I am researching the various responses.
      > Don Cleland
      > Nic 35 Saunterer
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