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  • Bryan Thiessen
    Nov 14, 1999
      Thank-you for the welcome message. I am the owner of a Nicholson 32 MKVII
      "Slipper of Emsworth", living in the south of England. I learned of your
      site from our Nicholson 32 Association site and am keen to take a look.
      Bryan Thiessen
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      From: campernicholson-owner@onelist.com <campernicholson-owner@onelist.com>
      To: canuck@... <canuck@...>
      Date: 13 November 1999 19:42
      Subject: [campernicholson] Welcome to campernicholson@onelist.com

      >Welcome aboard the CamperNicholson list. The members of this
      > list include those who own or sail a Camper and those who simply
      > have an interest in one of the world's finest yachts. This list has no
      > affiliation with the Camper Nicholson Company, we are a group of
      > enthusiasts. However, we will be glad to furnish contact information
      > if you wish to contact the builders and do not know how to do so.
      >Be sure to let us know who you are and don't hesitate to ask questions.
      >We are all in the same boat here!
      >Now, Please take a moment to review this message.
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      >www.onelist.com, and select the User Info link from the menu bar
      >on the left. This menu will also let you change your subscription
      >between digest and normal mode.
      >Please keep all posts on topic. If you fail to do so, you will be
      >unsubscribed from the list.
      >Denece Vincent -sv- Blue Pearl CN35 #163
      >The List Owner
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