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    Oct 1, 2012

      We replaced both the side vinyl as well as the headliner, however, it should be possible to replace just the vinyl.  I believe you would have to dismantle most of the headliner since the vinyl extends a bit above it.   Once you have the vinyl off, you are left with what I believe is a mahogany laminate with a lot of glue on it.  In our case, we sanded all of this smooth, then rolled and tipped white Awlgrip.  Some of our ports were leaking , so we also removed them during this whole, process which made the Awlgripping a lot easier.  As I recall, the vinyl extended just to the port glass so I don't think you'd absolutely need to remove the ports.  

      There are pictures of the project on the Yahoo group board under Alegria Headliner Project. 

      S/V Alegria
      Nicholson 35

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      I've been trying to think of a way to replace the cloth around the inside of the port windows in the salon and the vee berth without having to replace the whole liner. Does anyone have any thoughts?
      Nic 35
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      Hi Simon,
      we removed them on "Dabbler", if you remove the plugs the self tapping screws underneath are the only things holding them on.

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      > Hello everyone,
      > Autumn / Winter in Uk is looming and once again consideration for improvements over the period out of the water.
      > I know many of you have renewed the saloon headling and I wanted to know about the grab rails that run the length of the inside just below the windows. In particular how are they removed.?. A quick look suggests that you just drill out the wood plug to reveal the head of the screw underneath, but I don't know if these are in factbolts with nuts on the end or indeed countersunk screws......Are they easily removed, given that access behind like all these jobes can often be limited.
      > Like many of us my headlining is falling down in places, namely because the plastic channel C&N used to hold this up has lost its bite, so a full rework of this seems inevitable before it all comes down off the back of a wave. To do the job properly it seems a must to replace the side vinyl below the grab rails which of course means the windows need to come out.........and so it goes on.
      > Anyhow removing these rails is where it all starts so any experience would be appreciated.
      > Blue Nava
      > 35/177

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