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5940Emergency tiller problem

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  • Colin Campbell-Dunlop
    Apr 5, 2012
      Hi all,

      We now have Trutz back in the water after a long winter ahore.

      We completely de-stocked the boat intending to conduct a cull of our cruising gear. This has gone well and she now sits a lot higher in the water!

      As part of the process i cleaned up and painted the emergency tiller. Before stowing it in its usual place in the depths of the port cockpit locker i thought i would try it out.

      The upshot is that it doesnt fit and probably never has done. It might be a good idea for other owners to check their emergency tiller to see if they have the same problem.

      Trutz is a later version of the 35 with the Edson steering pedestal. the issue is that the access hole to the quadrant is set too far aft. There isnt enough room to get the box section of the tiller on to the top of the rudder stock rendering the tiller useless.

      Of course, in a real emergency and pumped up on adrenalin it might be possible to remove the deck fitting to create more space but i am yet to see if it is easily removed.

      I suspect that the hole in the deck was further forward on boats with the earlier "A-frame" pedestal and it worked fine. The introduction of the Edson hardware meant that the hole had to be shifted aft. In our case, too far.

      Trutz was built after the production run of the 35 had ceased so it may simply be a problem affecting the handful of special order boats built in the late 80's and early 90's.

      Interested to hear if any other boats have the same issue or have found a solution.

      All the best

      Colin & Jo

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