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5868Re: Nic 35 Steering Pedestal

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  • svlevity
    Jan 3, 2012

      We have Nic35 #80 Levity (1973) and my steering pedestal (with the upside down "V") was manufactured by Gibb. I removed the entire steering system, including the pedestal. I tried to take the binnacle bowl apart from the legs, but it was impossible to separate them and here is why:The binnacle is actually plastic coated aluminum, although it feels like fiberglass. The aluminum where it connects to the stainless steel in my case has suffered electrolysis (as a result of the interaction between the dissimilar metals) and welded the two together. Since my binnacle seemed to be deteriorating I stripped all the plastic off (a difficult job) then sanded and cleaned up the surface. Then I brought the binnacle and pedestal to a metal finishing shop. I had the stainless steel legs masked off and the binnacle powder-coated gray. Prior to applying the finish, the binnacle was sandblasted which pitted the aluminum. The metal shop that did this work proceeded with the powder coating despite the pitting. The end result looks good but if they had been more careful with the prep work it would have looked better.

      I also replaced all the bushings with new bushings custom made by a machine shop because I couldn't find any off-the-shelf bushings that worked. Having a machine shop make delrin or nylon bushings is fairly inexpensive. I would also consider using teflon bushings.


      --- In campernicholson@yahoogroups.com, Rory Rickard <roryrickard@...> wrote:
      > Dear all,
      > A very happy 2012 to you!
      > I have attached an image of Suaeda's steering pedestal. She is a 1973 Nic 35 (No. 72). I am keen to get the ?aluminium top bearing casing off in order to prep and paint it (along with the glassfibre binnacle). Does anyone know who manufactured this pedestal, whether they are still trading and where I might find some engineering drawings and spare parts?
      > Many thanks in anticipation,
      > Rory
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