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  • evatt@xxxxxxxxx.xxxx
    Oct 26, 1999
      I have a PSS shaft seal on my Nicholson 31. I don't see how a PSS shaft
      seal can score a shaft. The shaft turns inside of the bellows part of the
      PSS which is attached to the stern tube by hose clamps; the inboard end of
      the bellows has a graphite
      face which doesn't touch anything except the face of the stainless "donut" .
      The stainless "donut" part of the PSS is held in position on the shaft by
      allen screws set at
      a 90 degree angle with two nitrile O rings inside the donut against the
      shaft. The "spring" pressure of the PSS
      bellows pushes the carbon flange end of the bellows lightly against the
      stainless donut which is rotating with the shaft. The faces of the carbon
      flange and the donut "seat" upon initial installation and form the
      watertight seal.
      There really can't be any scoring of the shaft, especially compared to
      conventional stuffing
      boxes/glands which rely on pressure of a flax or teflon material pressed
      against the shaft to keep the water out. The shaft is always wearing against
      the packing material in
      a conventional stuffing box. I love the PSS. After 12 years of
      contortionist stuffing box tightening, I 'm glad to have a dry bilge and no
      maintenance on this hard to reach part. Check out the PSS web site.

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