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5693RE: [campernicholson] Re: Rudder removal and Pintal rebuild

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    Jul 17, 2011

      We took the rudder out of Passport for the same reason you're considering doing it.  It's not such a big job to get the rudder off completely and I would recommend doing it as it makes rebedding the flange much easier.  We have a group of photos of the rudder removal and rebuild in the Passport photo file.

      In reinstalling the bronze top bearing plate, we didn't use 5200.  We were worried about being able to remove it again in the future.  I can't remember the caulk we used for sure, though i think it was a 3M product.  In reinstalling the plate, we must have gotten an air bubble in the caulk, and still have a very small leak there.  Live and learn, I guess.

      For us, the problem that made us start the whole project was that the rudder shaft had worn away enough that the rudder was dragging on the bottom bearing.  We fixed that by having a bronze circle cut out of 1/8" stock which was inserted into the bottom bearing hole.  All that works perfectly and the steering is effortless now.


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