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  • Mickie Taylor
    Jul 6, 2011
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      I have just bought a Nicholson 35 it is Bluedays a 1983 boat from Dover and I sailed it up to Scotland alone on the way it shredded 5 fan belts. But my main problem at the moment is water is leaking from just in front of the gearbox very badly has anyone had this problem can I lift the boat out of the water and replace the stern gland or cutlass bearing at the prop end or will the engine have to be lifted out to get at the gear box end stern gland I don't know how this system works as I have had snuffing boxes on passed boats. has any one a drawing of the arrangement? My other problem is the engine starts but dies immediately the fuel filters are clean but the filter is only half full of diesel so I suspect the fuel pump, Is the Injector pump the fuel pump also. and may be this points to the belt shredding if the engine is starved of fuel? Thank you for any help given Gordon
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