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5453Re: Nic 35 Rudder Repair

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  • MarkH
    Feb 14, 2011
      Nice looking rebuild. Did you leave it hollow and without filler?

      It looked like your glass was largely intact.

      Ours was total decomposed gunk with polyester-acid and water running throughout the matrix anywhere you cut in. Foam was also soaked. I just added a photo album for the new rudder. (ROXY RUDDER) My rebuild was 100% epoxy, glass and graphite. I struggled for quite a while over the filler since the only guarantee is that water will get in. I settled on 7 gallons of microballons to 3 gallons of epoxy componded with a dry-wall power mixer on my drill in 5-gallon buckets. The filler hardens to 3000 psi compressive strength and the skin bonds to it very well. The other details were quite conventional. I did change the shape a bit, removing the original sharp point at the lower end in favor of a 12 inch radius. Theory says smaller trailing vortex. Its also less prone to damage. US Composites for most materials. 35 dollars per gallon for epoxy was not bad.
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