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5451Nic 35 Rudder Repair

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  • carl613475
    Feb 14, 2011
      Having just had the rudder repaired on our Nic 35 I thought for the good of the group I would put the pictures on the site in folder 35/32 Sephine.

      The rudder stock was moving internally as well as at the exit point, water had saturated the internal foam, I had three blisters starting to show at the top of the rudder, the wooden extension crafted by the previous owner was also saturated.

      Jo Line at the Boat Repair Centre, Weston-Super-Mare UK did the job, there are other approaches to find a solution but after consultation we decided on not replacing the foam instead using horizontal stringers to support the sides. Tangs were added to the rudder stock and also I had a one inch drain plug put at the lowest point of the void so at the end of each season I can remove and check for water. The plug will be screwed tight with an o-ring and hidden behind Sikaflex whilst in the water.

      For detailed technical questions about the rebuild best talk to Jo Line who did a fantastic job - you can find her at this web site www.boatrepaircentre.co.uk


      Sephine 35/32
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