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529Labor Day Weekend Message

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  • Denece &/or Bob Vincent
    Sep 3, 1999
      Hello To All,
      Just a reminder about the survey. It looks like 13 out of the 38 of us have
      filled in the on-line survey. It is pretty interesting to see the
      differences in our yachts, and the similarities in the crews! If you
      haven't dropped by the onelist site recently I recommend it, espescially now
      that it is all updated and more user-friendly.
      Don't forget, there is also a shared files area where we can add anything we
      would like to share with the group. Photos are an especially nice thing to

      Now that the sailing season is starting to wind down, I hope you'll all post
      your adventures.

      The crew of Blue Pearl spent a cold three weeks on the coast of Northern
      California, so are anxious to install a cabin heater ASAP ! Any
      suggestions? Caveats?

      I understand IONA is in the yard for a repower, failing the resurrection of
      their Hurth 15. Send them good thoughts at a stressful time, please.

      A question of Hetty Brace--How do you like the PocketMail? I am very
      interested in hearing how well it works, and I bet the rest of us would be
      interested as well.

      If you've just joined, Welcome.
      Feel free to post as soon as possible and Please try the survey! I had
      hoped to enter each vessels basic information in a shared file, but have not
      quite figured out how given the configuration of the site. It is actually
      quite helpful to band together. An example is the V-Drive issue. Most US
      boats are conventionally powered which is what most yards here are equipped
      to deal with. There ARE things that are quite different about V-drives
      beyond the appearance! Having one of us know that we have to stress this
      fact to the yardsmen and sharing that kknowledge helps the next owner to get
      better service/repairs and be back on the water sooner (an with less

      Have a Relaxing Labor Day