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5056RE: [campernicholson] Standing Rigging

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  • Colin Campbell-Dunlop
    Feb 8, 2010

      Hi Bob,


      We had ours done about 18 months ago. 


      I have just had a look back over the file.  We had 8mm fore and back stays, 7mm caps and 6mm fore and aft lowers but in dyform to give greater strength.  (our mast fittings wouldn’t take a 7mm fitting apparently). 


      We used XW Rigging in Gosport .  The parts came to £1063 inc VAT.  Dealing with the mast and associated labour was extra.


      Hope this helps.






      Ps, since getting the above work done we have added a detachable inner forestay for the storm jib with a wichard adjuster.  I am thinking of adding a backstay adjuster too.  In order to get good tension on the inner stay I plan to slacken the backstay a little.  Set up the inner stay and tension it hard then fine tune with the backstay adjuster. 




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      Hi all

      Has anyone replaced all of the standing rigging recently? If so, what sort of money are we talking about?


      Bob Lemmer

      Clara May (35/2)

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