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4801RE: [campernicholson] Depth Transducer - hull thickness

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  • John Tapscott
    Jul 8, 2009
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      When I first bought our Nic 35 I fitted Raymarine ST60 instruments for all the usual functions including depth gauge.  I did not want to drill a further hole to accommodate a through hull fitting so I bought their transducer which is sold for working from the inside of the hull.  However  I wanted to fit it under the forepeak floor where the hull has a pronounced V shape.  I overcame this by epoxying a tube to the inside of the hull and wedging the transducer, with the top horizontal, as far down as possible.  I then  filled it with castor oil and fitted a clip on cap through which the wire to the transducer was fed.  This system has worked very reliably for the best part of 10 years and seems to give very good readings.  I was worried at first that the oil would spill when heeling or in big seas but in practice this does not seem to happen.

      I am aware that since I fitted this depth gauge Raymarine has introduced a transducer which is sold to be fitted inside the hull in sections with a pronounced V and it may be therefore that if I was doing the job today I would have used this instead of the method I described above but obviously what I did was the cheap solution.

      I hope these comments may be helpful.




      John Tapscott


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      Subject: [campernicholson] Depth Transducer - hull thickness


      I am trying to decide what to do wrt depth instrumentation for my CN 35.
      I am looking to upgrade or replace my Hercules Depthsounder, which would cost $200+ for each replacement transducer.

      Is anyone using an in-hull depth transducer (as opposed to thru-hull) ?

      I am trying to discover whether an Airmar P79 will work (probably with Raymarine ST 40 or 60)
      - Maximum hull thickness recommended for this transducer is 5/8".

      Any information and or ideas would be appreciated.


      Bob Horvath
      (CN35 #18 - Grace)

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