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4612Re: [campernicholson] Re: Deep Sea Seal

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  • Graham Norbury
    Feb 5, 2009
      Its not the water pressure on the bellows that keeps the pressure, but
      the springiness of the bellows themselves. They typically have to be
      replaced every 3-4 years.


      O. R. Armstrong wrote:
      > FWIW: Dripless is certainly attractive, but it is accomplished by
      > water pressure *inside* the hull expanding a flexible bellows. Since
      > the bellows must be very flexible for the system to work, it cannot be
      > made out of a thick, reinforced hose. So a little springy piece of
      > hose is all there is between my boat and Mr. Jones' Locker? I opted
      > for the Buck Algonquin stuffing box (a beautiful piece of equipment,
      > if you're into plumbing) and a substantial piece of black hose,
      > knowing that if I spring a leak out there, somewhere far from help, I
      > can probably fix it.
      > Russ
      > p.s. On the recommendation of my yard, I used conventional flax
      > packing coated with Tef-Gel.
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