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  • Graham Norbury
    Feb 4, 2009
      PSS seals are a pain in the posterior - it really doesn't take much to
      contaminate the sealing surfaces, usually leading to pitting of the
      stainless rotor, wear in the graphite ring and eventually slow leaks.
      It is however quite unusual to completely rip one apart underway.

      The Strong Shaft Seal (Tides Marine) is far less prone to leaking, but
      I've seen them melt and destroy themselves underway due to clogged water
      injection lines. Usually this malady only affects larger motor vessels
      with high speed shafts; I've yet to see one do it on a sail boat, and
      personally have one on my Stevens 47.

      Bronze stuffing boxes are actually making a comeback, mainly due to the
      higher-tech packing materials now available. Last year my yard ripped
      out the dripless units from a 55' Flemming trawler and replaced them
      with Buck Algonquin bronze stuffing boxes packed with the green goo from
      Western Pacific Trading. (West Marine# 362931). After some adjustment
      and wearing in, we found the stuff works pretty well. More importantly
      the yard owner was far more comfortable that his shaft seals weren't
      going to rip themselves apart and flood the engine room again!


      Tom Cos wrote:
      > Graham,
      > If this helps the log size on Dream is 2 1/4".
      > I've have had one PSS fail within a year of being installed. The
      > mating surfaces stuck together when I put the motor in reverse which
      > rotated the entire forward portion of the PSS around the shaft. The
      > end of the boot attached to the log did not rotate which made the PSS
      > quite stretched and distorted. When I then put the motor into forward
      > gear the PSS rotated part way back to normal when it wedged and
      > pinched the cooling hose between the PSS and the bottom of the
      > transmission. This is how I found it and hour out of port when I
      > noticed water in the engine sump. I immediately return to port and
      > hauled the boat. I think the cooling hose stopped it from rating
      > further and breaking the bellows. The yard and PSS said they never
      > seen such a thing happen. I did end up putting a new replacement unit
      > in but my feelings are uneasy about its ability to hold up. I have a
      > new transmission to put in the boat next winter when I haul out and at
      > that time I will be putting the bronze stuffing box back in. I have
      > found that I need to burp (pull the mating surfaces apart) the PSS
      > before each use to make sure they are not stuck which of course lets
      > water into the sump. I think I like the drip of the stuffing box
      > better then burping the PSS.......There have been many who have used
      > the PSS with good results though.
      > good luck and best regards,
      > Tom
      > CN35-199 Dream
      > On Tue, Feb 3, 2009 at 1:08 PM, Graham Horne
      > <graham.horne@... <mailto:graham.horne@...>> wrote:
      > Just a quick question. I bought a new PSS seal at the London boat
      > show last month. The Nic 35 shaft as I understand it is 1 3/8"
      > (imperial), but what size is the flange over which the new boot goes
      > (or the size of the boot). I guessed to be honest at 2", is that
      > right? My boat is in Turkey so it is a little difficult to measure.
      > I will be out there next month. Aquafax will exchange if I have it
      > wrong.
      > Thanks
      > Graham
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