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4493Re: [campernicholson] Re: Replacing teak deck

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  • Graham Norbury
    Dec 4, 2008

      In Late October we started pulling the Teak off our CN 38 ketch built
      in 1973. It was in real bad shape. Our Cabin top had teak screwed down
      into the balsa core. We found the frame for the teak attached with
      something like 5200. This adhesive also held down the king planks on
      the cabin. The decks, bow and aft sections of the deck had simular
      adhesive along their edges. The adhesive was extremely difficult to
      remove. We drilled out and counter sunk each screw hole before filling
      them with West system epoxy with filler. We found the jell coat
      cracked along the decks close to the jib track. We covered the entire
      deck with a thin layer of glass and plenty of epoxy. We have been
      working nearly 2 months. I will respond to direct questions if our
      experiences seem of value. It has turned cold in North Carolina so the
      painting may take place in the spring. Can't say it was done correctly
      write back in 5 years. Good luck! willing to help.
      George Nauman

      For what its worth, that is how we do it professionally in the boatyard. 

      Once the glass surface has been filled & faired, we usually overcoat the smooth areas with AwlGrip, and the non-skid with GripTex.

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