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  • O. R. Armstrong
    Nov 20, 2008

        Sorry for the delay. From your latest, it seems you've grasped the concept of the barrel hinges.

      In the previous e-mail, I included a link to an on-line hardware store. On that page, there was a link to the following:


      which illustrates the installation of the barrel hinge. You are correct that the small silver screw, when tightened, flares the base of the barrel. Notice that there is also a notch in the circumference of the barrel. When the barrel is inserted into its hole in the wood, a small screw (brass?) can be screwed into the space between this notch and the wood, and the screw serves as a wedge, tightening the barrel in the hole. If the hole in the wood had been enlarged, I think a slightly larger screw in this notch would serve to tighten up the installation.

        The connecting arms on one of the previous barrel hinges on my boat had broken. It appeared to me that it was going to be very difficult to remove the old barrel hinges without destroying them, I ordered a complete new set from the above-referenced hardware web site. Not having to save the old parts, I was free to snip the arms on the remaining hinges in order to provide easier access for removing the barrels from the holes in the wood. I think I used a needle-nosed pliers to twist and pry them out. Be sure to loosen both screws. At first, I only loosened the "wedging" screw, with the result that the wood cracked a bit as I removed some of the barrels. The new barrels, with both screws tightened, provided a snug fit.

        Hope this helps.


      On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 3:24 AM, simon allard <blue.nava@...> wrote:

      As the only person I can find who knows about barrel hinges, I wonder if you are able to find a couple of moments to respond to my previous email.
      I have now found an barrel hinge in the bottom of an old tool box, so I can see how they operate.
      I was initially hoping that the hinges would split apart, but they don't.
      From what I can see, when you wind in the small silver screw it flares out the barrell.
      Would I be correct in saying that original fitment would have been a tight fit and then once the barrel flares out it makes for a more secure fit ? If so then surely if I remove the barrel from the wood then I will never get a solid fit again a second time around.
      All this because I would like to take the chart table off so as to take it home for varnish. I live 2 hours away from the boat so anything I can take home gives me more time on the job.
      Many thanks

      --- On Mon, 7/1/08, O. R. Armstrong <russ.armstrong@...> wrote:
      From: O. R. Armstrong <russ.armstrong@...>
      Subject: Re: [campernicholson] Chart table
      To: campernicholson@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Monday, 7 January, 2008, 11:33 PM


        They're called barrel hinges. They look quite flimsy. One of ours broke, and the little spindly arms were going to mung up the wood surfaces, so removed them and replaced them last fall.

        http://www.hardware source.com/ Store_ViewProduc ts.asp?Cat= 435

        We used the 12mm size.

        The little brass barrels fit inside their respective little holes. Each little barrel is held in place by two tiny screws. You will likely need jeweler's screwdrivers. One screw bites into the mating surface between where the circumference of the barrel meets the inside of the hole in  the wood into which the barrel has been pressed. The other, tinier, screw is within the barrel itself. The barrel has a slot that begins at the back and goes about 2/3 of the distance to the front. The slot defines a chord, if you recall that from maths. You can't see the slot when the hinge is installed, but you can see the hole and within it, the tiny screw head. When that screw is tightened, it expands the slot, wedging the outer portion of the barrel outward against the inside of the hole into which the barrel fits.

        Whew. Now I need a shot 'l rum.

        Important. (HIc) Heed the voice of experience. Remove both of those screws. Obvously, the screw at the circumference of the barrel must be removed, but if one simply yanks away on the barrel without removing the tiny little screw, the wood 'round the hole may splinter, and one could be accused of being a bit of a clumsy ape by one's helpmate. Sad, I know, but it happened to me . . .

        Russ Armstrong

      On Jan 7, 2008 5:00 PM, simon allard <blue.nava@yahoo. co.uk> wrote:
      Happy New Year to you all.
      I wonder if I can ask those far cleverer than me to have a look at the hinges on the chart table of a Nicholson 35 and let me know if indeed it is possible to take the lid off.
      I would like to varnish said item and I know it will be far easier to do flat at home.
      All the owners I have spoken to so far have drawn a blank, but I get the feeling that we have some very clever people in the group and I would like to think you might be able to help.
      Much appreciated
      Blue Nava 35/177

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