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3861Re: [campernicholson] Bio-diesel

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  • Ian Postlethwaite
    Jul 4, 2007
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      I have used cooking oil on a Peugeot van on a 60-40 mix. 60% diesel to 40% cooking oil with great success end result was alot quieter and more efficient, if only a little slow to start in cold weather, but this problem can be solved by adding about 3 ltr of petrol per full tank (70ltrs)
      I will seriously consider a similar arrangement with my ford tempest engine if we get cained for additional duty.
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      Subject: RE: [campernicholson] Bio-diesel

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the reponse.  Yes, the seals issue is one that I will discuss with an engineer.  I think that the more modern engines don¬ít have a problem.  I will talk to Perkins.

      Many thanks for your input.


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      Before our Nic35 went on the hard for a resto job we tried biodiesel. At that time, a concentration of 20% was recommended for most engines I think because of the modifications needed for compatability between older engine components (rubber for one) and the increased cleaning effects (ie solvent nature) of bio. It was a while ago but one thing we will always remember is how much the exhaust smelled like French fries....... yummy. It also smoked a lot less. The down side, which is less now, was the expense-it was not cheap but we thought the trade off was worth it, pass the fries please. Steve.

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      From: colin_cd

      Sent: Wednesday, July 04, 2007 9:02 AM

      Subject: [campernicholson] Bio-diesel

      Dear group,

      given that we are going to lose our right to use low tax marine
      diesel here in the UK I was thinking of looking in to the viability
      of using biodiesel instead.

      I was wondering if anyone else in the group had any experience of
      using this fuel.

      I cannot think of any reason why it would not work but any input from
      group members would be helpful.

      As things stand i think that the biggest issue will be one of
      availability. I certainly can't see many fuel berths stocking it
      alongside normal red diesel.

      Given the environmental advantages of using it though it might make
      sense. any thoughts?


      Trutz 35/225

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