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  • michael196_0
    Jun 26, 2007
      Hi Jim,

      i just talked to someone who is dealing props like Autostream. He
      could not belive that u are using 13'', he told me minimum would be
      15'', better 16''
      Would u like to confirm that u are using 3-blad 13''


      --- In campernicholson@yahoogroups.com, "michael196_0"
      <michael-illing@...> wrote:
      > Hi Jim,
      > thnx for u fast reply. Sure, i have alot of questions....
      > u wrote,that u have replaced the hydraulic drive motor. did it mean
      > that u have changed it against a new one ? (what was the problem ?)
      > Since 4 years i have alot of problems with the hydraulic pump. its
      > leaking !!!!! (some years ago i had the same problem, but i could
      > solved it with replacing filterelement, the filter was blocked.)
      > Now, i cant find the reasion of leaking.
      > we repaired the pump. on land in a testing area everything was ok, but
      > after reinstalling the pump was leaking again. I decided to buy a new
      > pump, but after some weeks, the brandnew pump was leaking again... :-(
      > Now i have 2 pump wich are running on land without leaking, but on
      > board both pumps are leaking. Really dont know what i can do now.
      > Do u know where i can find information about the modified rudder ??
      > about the Autostream prop, do u have some price info for me?
      > about where i keep my boat in germany: My hometown Oldenburg is
      > located in north part of Germany (50km westly of Bremen/180km westly
      > of Hamburg, 70km southly of North sea coast). In summer i am keeping
      > my boat to river Weser (5 nm to Bremerhaven), which has direct access
      > to the northsea.
      > Greetings from germany
      > Michael
      > SY Likedeeler
      > CN35 #103
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