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  • William E. Roesner
    Nov 6, 2006
      Stainless steel seacocks! Is there such a thing? Made in Kazackstan?
      Have you ever seen stainless steel keel bolts corroded completely thru?
      I have.
      Bill Roesner
      Cn 31-113 'Blueprint'

      On Nov 6, 2006, at 7:08 AM, keith morris wrote:

      > It's a moot point about s/s below the waterline, there will always be
      > differing views on this topic. I don't think there will be any salt
      > water on the threads as they will be inside the boat wrapped in PTFE
      > and the outside will have several coats of anifouling, plus I always
      > inside the skin fitting with an artists paint brush. I think I prefer
      > to have two similar metals linked together with salt water than the
      > opposite. I am in two minds over this matter.  
      >      On another topic, I recently noticed that my forestay was working
      > loose, on further inspection it was noticed that the stem head fitting
      > was pulling away from the stem head. On removing the stem head it was
      > found that CandN in their infinite wisdom had glassed in a aluminium
      > plate to take the stem head bolts, salt water must have down the bolts
      > and the inevitable corosion occured. My solution was to make a plaster
      > cast of the outside of the hull in line with the bolts and had it
      > cast in bronze [Aus. $40] and through-bolted it. It will never move
      > again. Has anyone else had this problem? I still have the plaster cast
      > if anyone would like to have it you are welcome to it. PS I beleive
      > that the staunchons have aluminium plates under them, thank god mine
      > look okay. Regards Keith. 
      > Graham Norbury <gnorbury@...> wrote:Not sure I'd want a
      > stainless steel valve body - stainless below the waterline is very
      > prone to crevice corrosion in the threads and other areas deprived of
      > oxygen.
      >> Typically modern seacocks have a bronze body, teflon valve seat and a
      >> chromed bronze ball, although sometimes the ball may be stainless.
      >> Graham
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      >>> I too intend replaceing the Blakes seacocks with stainless steel
      >>> ones. But one must remember to change the skin fitting to stainless
      >>> steel as well. Do not install stainless seacocks on bronze skin
      >>> fittings, the results can be increased corrosion between the
      >>> different metals. Tenancier is hull No. 106 I think offhand, and is
      >>> berth at Southport Yacht Club, Queensland, Australia, so the boat is
      >>> always in warm salt water, maybe UK owners do not have the same
      >>> corrosion rate/speed as experiecced here. Thankyou all for
      >>> expressing your views, a great read. Regards, Keith Morris.
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