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  • Graham Norbury
    Nov 3, 2006
      Not sure I'd want a stainless steel valve body - stainless below the waterline is very prone to crevice corrosion in the threads and other areas deprived of oxygen.
      Typically modern seacocks have a bronze body, teflon valve seat and a chromed bronze ball, although sometimes the ball may be stainless.
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      I too intend replaceing the Blakes seacocks with stainless steel ones. But one must remember to change the skin fitting to stainless steel as well. Do not install stainless seacocks on bronze skin fittings, the results can be increased corrosion between the different metals. Tenancier is hull No. 106 I think offhand, and is berth at Southport Yacht Club, Queensland, Australia, so the boat is always in warm salt water, maybe UK owners do not have the same corrosion rate/speed as experiecced here. Thankyou all for expressing your views, a great read. Regards, Keith Morris.


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