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  • Tom1us2001
    Oct 12, 2006
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      I also installed a rub rail last year when I had the topsides painted. The rail was installed after the paint job. I think it looks cleaner that way (no tape makes). The rail is made from teak with a stainless rail on the outside. The teak rail is 5200'd and screwed to the boat then the stainless is screwed to the teak. I opted to screw it to the boat and not bolt it. That way if I were to by chance land hard on the rub rail in a storm (hurricane) or other reason the screws would tear out instead of a bolts pulling out and leaving a hole in the side. basically I think it would be easier to repair. There is a small groove cut in the underside of the rail so any water running down over the rail will drip off the rail instead of run down the topside. Less streaks on the topsides that way. I'll try and find some photo's to upload the the photo section.

      Hope this info helps with your plans,

      Tom Costello
      s/v Dream CN35-199

      Peter Walzer <pwalzer@...> wrote:
      John – I used a  rub rail from VETUS on my CN39. Installation was easier than I thought it would be.

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      Jeff, could you give us some details of the rub rail you added.  We're thinking of doing the same thing to Passport prior to painting the topsides.
      On another subject, we replaced the vinyl headliner in Passport several years ago.  We used 1/8" marine plywood painted white and trimmed with teak strips.  One advantage of the painted plywood is that modifications are easy and even patching holes no longer needed is not difficult.  
      John Larson
      CN 35 Number 85, Passport

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