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3273Re: Top handrails

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  • Tom Jaax
    Apr 5, 2006
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      --Jim, I rebolted our handrails on Lea-Rig. We had the same problem
      in the head. The only choice was to drill out a bigger hole with a
      hole saw. Then we could see the nuts and bolts. One of the two had the
      core removed. But I always oversize the bolt holes anyway, fill with
      epoxy and redrill to the actual bolt size. For the final finish in the
      head, I covered the hole saw opening with a "polished" plate of
      stainless, about 4" square using screws into the fiberglass liner.
      CN 35, #189

      - In campernicholson@yahoogroups.com, "teipenj" <jteipen@...> wrote:
      > We are in the middle of an extensive project to replace the vinyl
      > headliner and to refinish the cabin side walls on Alegria.
      > I was wondering if anyone has experience with removing the cabin top
      > exterior handrails? Removal of the old headliner made access to most
      > of the handrail though bolt nuts readily accessible. However, the most
      > forward attachment is over the hard ceiling of the head. I would have
      > thought that, since lower access is restricted, the yard would have
      > used a wood screw there. I popped the teak plug out and was able to
      > turn the fastener but couldn't get it to back out. I'm guessing it's
      > through bolted as well. Has anyone figured out how to get access to
      > the nut on the most forward part of the handrail?
      > Jim
      > Alegria
      > C/N 35 #68
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