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3131RE: [campernicholson] Lift pump for Perkins 4-108

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  • Colin Campbell-Dunlop
    Nov 7, 2005
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      Thanks Graham and Arild,
      I have just contacted a diesel motor factor and there seems no problem with availability for the lift pump or the service kit so I will mention this to the engineer who said they didn't make them anymore. 
      Many thanks for your input
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      The term "lift pump" generally refers to the small crank-driven fuel pump that feeds the injector pump.
      In my experience, rebuilding a raw water pump after seal failure is rarely worthwhile.  Its usually cheaper (labor-wise) to replace the whole pump.
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      Dear Colin,

      If the term "lift pump" means sea-water-pump for engine cooling, I experienced a leak in my Jabsco pump on my Perkins 4.108 in September.  When I called the local Perkins dealer I had the option of buying parts, eg, new shaft, to the pump.  In my case there was a groove in the shaft, but I managed to move the new (cheap industrial) sealing (where I moved over the stainless spring of the old one) beside the groove, so I didn't have to buy a new shaft or have it re-machined.

      To answer you question: you should be able to get parts if it is the same pump.

      Best regards,
      Far Out 38/10

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