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308Re: Rudders

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  • Steve Lochner
    Feb 3, 1999
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      At 09:40 AM 2/3/99 -0500, Dennis Gibbons wrote:
      >... has anyone else stripped the
      >gelcoat off the rudder or otherwise closely examined its condition?...

      I just had my rudder rebuilt. We had previously drilled holes in the
      bottom edge - and water poured out. We then drilled large (4" +/-)
      diameter holes from one side, starting near the top of the rudder, and
      going down the spine on about 8" centers, to the bottom. We then could
      reach inside, and rip, scrap, and ream out all (hopefully) the corrupted
      foam core. We then replaced said rotten core with two-part floatation
      foam, glassed into place the 4" hockey puck hole covers, and put a new
      layer of glass over all.

      Hopefully, we will now get another 25 years of service out of the rudder.

      Steve Lochner
      s/v Equus, CN 48, on the hard in Sandusky, Ohio

      "I know nothing - nothing do I know - but I go to free myself from the
      Wheel of Things by a broad and open road." R. Kipling.
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