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  • Simon Bradshaw
    Feb 3, 1999
      Hello Dennis,
      Hows the Stantion post?
      Rudder delamination and disintegration of the foam core.
      What a great title for a book.

      I had this exact same thing with the rudder on TTFN (Nic 30) year before

      Remove rudder.
      Drill through with 1/4"
      grind bottom off, or drill up through the bottom. This is just to let
      the liquid drain out.
      Attach 50Lbs breaking strain fishing line with knots in one end to the
      end of a 1/4" drill.
      Push drill bit through hole and run drill. This will breakup the damaged
      foam. Do this at each hole.
      flush whole rudder with fresh water. Hang rudder up in a warm place to
      dry (I used a corner of the lounge at home)
      When dry, lay some sand bags on the ground. these need to take the shape
      of the rudder. Cover the holes on one side with tape. lay this side down
      on the sand bags. have more sand bags ready to place over the top of the
      rudder when the next few steps are finished.

      Mix a slow cure Epoxy to the consistency of ketchup (catsup if US) by
      adding "Micro Balloons". These are essential as the rudder should have
      negative buoyancy. So, by using Micro Balloons as the filler you build
      buoyancy in to the Epoxy.

      Use a large hypodermic syringe to inject the Epoxy into the rudder.
      Inject at each hole and when the Epoxy comes out of the hole move on to
      the next.

      when you have finished all of the holes tape over them. Place the sand
      bags on top of the rudder. This will press the GRP laminates in to
      compression with the Epoxy.

      Leave the Epoxy to set and then fair and anti foul

      This worked even better than I had expected it to. TTFN's rudder is
      transom hung and getting the correct buoyancy could have been a problem.
      The Micro balloons worked a treat.

      I have more info on this if you need it.

      Best of luck and don't be afraid.

      Simon S. Bradshaw

      TOPCALL UK Limited
      Communications Process Re-Engineering
      DDI - 0118 952 8917
      PBX - 0118 952 8900
      FAX - 0118 952 8901
      CELL - 07775 655 101
      URL - www.TOPCALL.com

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      > Subject: [campernicholson] Rudders
      > From: Dennis Gibbons <dennis-gibbons@...>
      > I talked with a CN35 owner friend of mine (#216 Brandy) and he had the
      > same
      > experience as i did when he stripped the rudder down. namely a lot
      > of
      > slurry drained out (water and foamcore) and a hell of a lot of voids
      > left
      > in the rudder. We will be trying to fill the voids by drilling and
      > injecting West as best we can. I don't know if this is just a result
      > of the
      > freezing and thawing cycle here in the East. has anyone else stripped
      > the
      > gelcoat off the rudder or otherwise closely examined its condition?
      > Dennis Gibbons
      > S/V Dark Lady
      > CN35-207
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