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3057RE: [campernicholson] Stern Tube Cooling

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  • Graham Norbury
    Jul 5, 2005
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      The cooling water helps the cutlass bearing, not the packing gland.


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      I have the same set up as you do... Perkins 4-108 with hydraulic drive. I
      think the stern tube cooling fitting is unnecessary. You could test it by
      shutting it off and see if your gland remains cool. When I purchased my
      boat, the original stern tube fitting was there but with no sea water
      cooling tube attached. The packing gland is a the standard drip type which
      probably was fitted by the previous owner. The diameter of the stern tube
      has been built up with a few layers of fiberglass. I assume this was done
      to better accomodate the standard packing gland.

      After I had the boat for a few years, the fitting you described corroded
      completely off right at the stern tube. I was able to grind the area
      smooth, drill it out, tap it and fit a standard threaded bronze plug and
      sealer. This has held up well over the intervening five years or so. I
      use the teflon coated packing material and have the gland adjusted to drip
      very little. The gland remains cool to the touch even after the shaft has
      been turning for serveral hours, which indicates to me that it's working

      S/V Alegria
      CN 35-68
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