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2927RE: [campernicholson] Rudder removal

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  • Stephen Perry
    Dec 10 7:48 AM
      I removed the rudder from Levity as part of my restoration project. You will
      have to remove the upper rudder bushing to remove the rudder. That may not
      be easy depending on how stuck in place it is. In my case this took a lot of
      careful prying-the bushing has to go straight up as the fit on the post is
      tight and cocking the bushing even slightly will cause it to bind. Once the
      bushing is out, tilting the bottom of the rudder aft to clear the flare at
      the top of the rudder is necessary to pull out the rudder. The rudder is
      quite heavy and mine was heavier yet due to a previous enlargement project
      which left all of the old glass in place. I intend to remove all extraneous
      material and use polyurethane foam as a filler. I will also enlarge the
      rudder by adding a break away section at the bottom (break away to protect
      the rudder body in case of an impact). Also, don't forget to seal the top of
      the rudder by making a chamfer or recess where the body meets the post and
      filling this recess with a flexible material like 3M 5200-that prevents
      water intrusion as this is where most moisture problems in rudders start. I
      hope this helps.

      >From: "Katie and Simon" <katieandsimon@...>
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      >Subject: [campernicholson] Rudder removal
      >Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 13:33:23 +0000
      >Hello gang,
      >I am in the process of removing the rudder. I thought after 22 years of
      >service it would be good to check the bearings and it will also make it
      >easier to do some refurbishment. I have removed the bottom casting (which
      >came off very nicely), the quadrant and the top half of the rudder gland,
      >but the rudder is still at the wrong angle to drop past the skeg. Can any
      >you who have expeience dropping the rudder please advise (Dennis, Stephen,
      >et al?). Do I have to remove the lower half of the rudder gland as well (it
      >seems very well bedded in) or am I missing something?
      >Gin Rummy, CN35-202
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