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270Re: London Boat Show

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  • Simon Bradshaw
    Jan 4, 1999

      Yes you are right. There is a meeting of like minded persons at the boat
      Show. This is scheduled for 14:00 on the 13th (Wednesday) at the
      Guinness stand (Yes there is a Guinness Stand, it is on the Ground Floor
      on the right towards the right hand side of the Pond.)

      The meeting is actually for contributors to the Yachting Monthly
      "Scuttlebutt" forum. This will be the first time that the contributors
      have got together. However you would be more than welcome to join us.

      Simon S. Bradshaw

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      > From: Cristina N. Staats
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      > Sent: 03 January 1999 23:25
      > To: Camper Nicholson
      > Subject: [campernicholson] London Boat Show
      > From: "Cristina N. Staats" <chivaree@...>
      > To: Anyone going to London for the boat show
      > From: Jack and Cristina Staats
      > Is there still a group planning on attending the London Boat Show,
      > and
      > meeting to get acquainted? We are very sorry not to have communicated
      > earlier, but we have been tied up with the death of Jack's mother.
      > We will be in London from January 13-21. (We travel on the
      > 12-13th) We would love to rendezvous with the group if the jet lag
      > allows. Simon Bradshaw had offered to organize something I think.
      > If my memory serves me he will be there Tuesday and Wednesday and
      > suggested meeting at the Guiness Stand. However according to some
      > British boating magazines we have looked at, there will be no Guiness
      > stand this year--what is the fall back position? I think Chris
      > Boyle
      > also offered something as well. I just can't remember--please forgive
      > me.
      > We are staying at a little bed-and-breakfast in Fulham run by an
      > acquaintance of mine. We can be reached through her at 171-385-8528.
      > If we are not right at her house, she will know where we are. You can
      > leave messages there for us about getting together.
      > We plan on going to talk to the CN people as well as the Watermota
      > people while we are there. Has anyone else set up a meeting with
      > either
      > of these two firms? Maybe we are all interested in the same sort of
      > information and can join forces somehow to get greater benefit from
      > our
      > visits.
      > We look forward to meeting other CN owners as well as making new
      > sailing acquaintances. Please let us know what plans, if any, are in
      > place.
      > Sincerely, Jack and Cristina Staats
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