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2063Re: [campernicholson] Nic 35 phrf

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  • svwantok@aol.com
    Dec 2, 2002
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      Guess what Guys!

      As part of my pre-Atlantic tossing of papers (among other things), I found a 1986 PHRF rating for Wantok (then Independence).

      J - 14ยด05
      Beam - 10'6
      E(B) - 12'7
      I(P2) - 45'3
      P - 40
      LOA - 35', LWL - 26'9, draft 5'5
      Prop - solid 2 blade
      with 130% genoa
      storm trysail and jib
      BASE HANDICAP: 156 +6 for prop adjustment = 162

      - The handicapper noted that the MPS is NOT a legal sail (this refers to the asymmetrical spinaker).
      - There is no mention of a staysail (this, together with aft runners, was added later).

      The Racing Rating is 162.
      The Cruising Rating is 174.

      This certificate was issued by the New England (Cape Cod) Fleet
      on 18th April, 1986.

      Don't know how this compares to other people's recent findings. It is certainly similar to the 159 for Gin Rummy.

      But I don't know what modifications may have been made to the ratings' calculations since 1986?

      Hope this is useful.

      I expect(?) to leave Las Palmas for the Caribbean at the end of this week. In the Canarias, 'manana' is the week after next.

      Anyone got any suggestions for where to land? I've lost track of who is where over the last little while.

      Cheers, and Happy sailing.

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