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19Re: Gibb Stanchons

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  • Robert &/or Denece Vincent
    Apr 21, 1998
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      I don't know if it would work in ths case, but we once freed up a stuck table
      leg (metal corrosion) by soaking the socket with vinegar and giving the odd
      whack with a wrapped mallet. It took a couple of days to eat off enough
      corrosion to come loose.
      You have tried heating it?

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      > From: "Thomas J. Stanton" <tstanton@...>
      > I have a Camper-Nicholson with Gibb aluminum stanchions. This spring I
      > purchased two from the distributor in New England, but they did not have
      > much experience with these units.
      > The first of the badly bent units to be replaced is frozen in the
      > base. We have tried liquid wrench and other lubricants, but have not
      > been able to remove or separate the pieces. Do you have any
      > recommendations????
      > Thank you.
      > Thomas J. Stanton
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