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186Re: Rigging Questions

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  • Dennis Gibbons
    Sep 2, 1998
      Regarding the Blake seacocks. When you haul in the Fall, Remove the
      compression collars and wack at the barrel with a rubber mallet. Next try
      penetrating oil. You do need to get them working, just in case.

      Re Hatches: I believe all came with two hatches with a third small one in
      the head an option (mine has one). They did have a raise molding. Perhaps
      someone wanted to replace the salon one with a bigger one? On my boat the
      hatch in the Main salon and the V berth are the same size.

      Dennis Gibbons
      S/V Dark Lady

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      > John,
      > The inner forestay on our C/N 35 Alegria connects to a deck plate
      > just behind
      > the windlass. The deck plate is reinforced from underneath the
      > deck with a
      > 3/8 inch aluminum plate. This plate has been slightly notched
      > out in order to
      > fit around the windlass parts below deck. There is a short stay
      > with a turn
      > buckle connected to this underdeck plate and extending down
      > through the wooden
      > bottom partition of the forepeak storage area to another 3/8 inch aluminum
      > plate which has been glassed on it's edge into the stem of the boat. The
      > forestay itself extends from just below the masthead (steaming)
      > light on the
      > mast. It is in two pieces. When not in use the the longer part
      > of the stay
      > is stored along the forward part of the mast. In order to use
      > it, there is a
      > short detachable extension with a lever tensioner which is used.
      > This set up
      > was installed by the previous owner supposedly under discussion
      > and guidance
      > from the Camper Nicholsons yard.
      > Relating to some of our more recent projects, we have just
      > finished recovering
      > most of the cushions on Alegria with a navy Sunbrella material. The main
      > salon berths are done and we just finished all of the vee berths
      > last night
      > which just leaves the watch seat and the little padded thing on
      > the front of
      > the nav table yet to do. It's been a lot of work, mostly for Anne, but it
      > sure does look nice.
      > I'm wondering if anyone has had some experience with the Blake seacocks.
      > Alegria has only two of the originals, one on the head inlet and
      > the other on
      > the head outlet. The head inlet was very difficult to turn but
      > it took only a
      > little WD-40 to make it right. The outlet is completely frozen
      > in the open
      > position which makes me nervous. I've tried various penetrating
      > lubricants
      > such as WD- 40, T-9 and Corrosion Block but can't budge it.
      > Would anyone have
      > any ideas here?
      > Also, can anyone tell me if the 35's originally came with two
      > deck hatches?
      > Alegria has a large hatch in the forepeak area the base of which is raised
      > slightly and molded into the deck . They only way this hatch
      > could ever leak
      > would be around the rubber gasket. The second hatch is over the
      > dinette table
      > with just a whole cut through the deck and the hatch glassed in.
      > This leaves
      > a seam at deck level which does leak and which I'm working on
      > now. I can't
      > figure out why CN would do it this way especially since the
      > forward hatch is
      > molded in. I can only guess that the hatch in the main salon was added at
      > some point.
      > Jim
      > S/V Alegria
      > C/N 35 # 68
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