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1481Re: [campernicholson] Questions Re: Nic 32

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  • S/V Hetty Brace
    Nov 4, 2001
      Hi Web -

      We've owned and cruised a Nic 32 Mk VI since 1995 - you would be hard
      pressed to find a better built, more sea-comfortable boat in the size range
      - or even bigger for that matter.

      First I would suggest contacting the Nic 32 Association - they have contacts
      at C&N and are usually able to get a very detailed history on the boat (you
      may need to be a member). We got copies of the complete build/launch
      checklist and various modifications made by Nicholson. I don't have the web
      address handy but there's a link on my site at www.hettybrace.com. On the
      Nic site, there's a link to email Oliver Roome - he may have info about that
      particular boat.

      I've never heard of a 32 with teak decks - possibly added at some point.
      The decks are solid glass - in fact the entire boat is solid glass with
      stringers run every 18 or so inches - very solid.

      The chainplates are unique but strong. I've never heard of one failing but
      some people have replaced them. Just check for rust/corrosion - if none,
      you're probably just fine. Ours are 34 years old and look great.

      In terms of hull blisters - it's the rare 32 that doesn't have them.
      Fortunately the hull is so thick that there's not a worry of loss of
      integrity. We have definitely had them and plan a bit of time for repairs
      into our haulouts. It's not the end of the world, by any means.

      We love our 32 - we've cruised with other larger boats that have a much
      rougher time of things when the wind and seas pipe up. She's quite
      comfortable. We have also jammed in an amazing amount of equipment and
      provisions - the storage, if you're a bit creative, is quite good.

      Best of luck with your decision. As for a Nic 32, I couldn't recommend them
      highly enough!

      Fair Winds!

      S/V Hetty Brace

      on 11/4/01 9:54 AM, wsmith@... at wsmith@... wrote:

      > Hello all.
      > I am looking at a Camper & Nicholson 32 Mark VII. It has been
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