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1480Questions Re: Nic 32

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  • wsmith@irmh.com
    Nov 4, 2001
      Hello all.
      I am looking at a Camper & Nicholson 32 Mark VII. It has been
      repowered (Yanmar 2GM20, ?~1800 hours), has Adler Barb. refrig, looks
      to be in good shape below, hull blister free (per owner).

      I poked around, saw no evidence of leaking anywhere (in the rain, it
      seems always to be raining when I look at boats!).

      Teak side-decks are in very rough shape, screw heads showing all over
      the place. Owner tells me that the deck beelow the teak is solid
      glass. True? Have any of you dealt with this problem? How? What
      did it cost?

      I know that the chain-plate arrangement on the 32 is unique. Are
      there problems I should be aware of?

      I would greatly appreciate any comments about the 32 in general,
      answers to the questions re: decks and chainplates, and tips
      regarding assesment of this boat.

      I fell that this is a really great boat, and hope to soon join this
      group as a member.

      BTW, vessel name is Scimitar. Anyone know her?

      Thanks in advance for your time and assistance!

      Web Smith
      Vero Beach, Florida, USA
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