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  • Dennis Gibbons
    Aug 2, 1998
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      Thought you would like the engine results of my cruise to Bermuda etc.

      Before I left I had my engine Tached. After compensating for Tach error, my
      max RPM in neutral 3500. The error was greater at the higher RPM probable
      due to belt slippage. Under load it indicated 2900 but I extrapolate that
      to about 3200. I will remove the throttle cable and check to see if it is
      misadjusted or if the governer is set low.

      From Milford CT. to Bermuda I motored for 80 hours, mostly at 1800RPM and
      averaged about .5 gal/hr. The oil pressure stayed in the 85 psi range the
      whole way. Any acceleration would bring it over 100 psi but then it would
      back down. After many hours it would idle down to 60 psi but never any
      lower. At certain RPM the needle of the mechanical gauge oscillates wildly
      and I am seeking a better gauge. My temperature never passed 90C and spent
      most of the time at about 88C.
      My oil usage was only 1/2 quart after 80 hours which I felt was pretty

      As I bought the quick-start solenoid almost two years ago, I figure it is
      time to install it. Question: does the bracket fit in the notch of the
      starter motor of should it fit on the transmission side of the bell housing.
      In the picture it looks like it is bolted that way on the lower of the two
      bolts holding the starter motor (not the bolt up by the starter solenoid).
      But on my engine, the lower bolt does not pass through the housing. It is
      tapped from the starter motor side and an Allen screw attaches the motor to
      the housing. If the position is not crucial, I have a bolt fitting on the
      engine mounting foot for the batter neg. cable and I could use that as the
      leads are long enough.

      BTW did you receive the revised wiring diagram I sent you last fall?

      Dennis Gibbons sv Dark Lady
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