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1357Re: [campernicholson] Re: Raw water engine intake system

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  • Denece Vincent
    Jun 1, 2001
      Yes, we have two attachments under the water; the zinc near the galley,
      which was bonded to all the underwater metal and (we believe) led to the
      demise of all our Blakes seacocks and the Dynaplate (now replaced with a
      large copper sheet) near the mast. We used Stainless bolts this time but we
      are keeping an eye on them. We have learned that the main culprit in
      electrolytic corrosion in our area is from leaving the shore plug
      connected, since most of the marinas are older and the wiring not up to
      current research.
      Our project right now is the rebuilding of the ice box. Ours was a double
      walled fiberglass box containing almost two whole inches of crumbling foam,
      except for where there wasn't any. We have almost got it all out and will
      replace with 4-8" of sealed urethane foam and a layer of heat shield on the
      outer side. We hope it will enable us to run a Cool Blue unit off solar
      panels alone.
      This living aboard and doing projects is real interesting. You sure can't
      get away from the mess and confusion!!

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