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1014Prestex to hose fittings

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  • Dennis Gibbons
    Sep 3, 2000
      Dear Sir or Madam.
      Thank you for supplying catalogs to me here in the US. It is difficult to
      maintain my Camper & Nicholson's 35 now that the parent company has , for
      all practical purposes, expired. I have made the information you provided
      to me available to other CN owners.

      I am trying to convert an all copper tubing connection between my deck and
      fuel tank to a hose setup. I currently a have Prestex 35 flanged tank
      connection at one point and a similar coupling to the deck fill at the
      other. I would like to attach a hose connection in place of the rigid

      The OD of the tank connection and the deck filler is about 1.75" which is
      close enough to 42mm to be the same. The thread pitch is 14 TPI and that is
      what is confusing me. That measurement does not correspond with BSP as I
      understand it.

      Does Prestex make a female conversion to hose or would one of the fittings
      on page 8 (e.g. 1-72125 or 1-76150) be suitable in a diesel situation. Would
      part # 1-54242 give me enough exposed pipe nipple to get hose and 2 hose
      clamps on it?

      My current work-around has been to cut the copper tubing into two nipples
      for the hose and re-use the copper compression rings. I would prefer
      something better.
      Dennis Gibbons
      S/V Dark Lady