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1FW: Nicholson 35

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  • Dennis Gibbons
    Mar 28, 1998
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      Subject: Nicholson 35


      We were informed that you are all owners of the Nicholson 35. We are
      presently considering the purchase of a Nic 35 and are interested in
      hearing opinions of current (or past) owners.

      We are specifically interested in:
      1. Comments on the vessel's sailing ability under different conditions;
      2. Type of engine and drive gear in your boat (esp. if a Mercedes diesel
      with a hydraulic drive unit) and any problems you may have experienced
      with this combination and any difficulty obtaining parts/service.
      3. Any deck problems (e.g. delamination, cracking, weak spots)
      4. Any keel problems (e.g. water wicking through the resin fill mixture
      in the ballast cavity)
      5. If you have headsail furling, what type of system, approx. age of
      the furler and your opinions on its performance.
      6. Who is the manufacturer of your mast, do you have internal halyards,
      is the mast sound-deadened and have you noticed any problems with noise
      as a result of failure of the sound-deadening.
      7. If you have a windvane, who is the manufacturer and how would you
      rate its performance.

      Any other general comments would be welcome. Thank you in advance for
      your help.


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