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Free C&N 32

Check this out. Don't know if it was a hoax but, if it wasn't, there is a C&N 32 in Stuart Fla with a new owner by now.
Aug 3

Re: CN35/167 - Cabin Plywood/Veneer Clarification

Adrian,From my experience, where the boat is in fog much of the time, I haven't seen any warpage or fit issues using solid teak. On the contrary, it's
Jul 30

Re: CN35/167 - Cabin Plywood/Veneer Clarification

Jim with spray I have used furniture oil based polish on teak plywood and it has stood up well here in New England. Spray is shown in detail on camper
Jul 30

Re: CN35/167 - Cabin Plywood/Veneer Clarification

Hi, I rebuilt the instrument area of the chart table with teak faced ply. It was a very thin layer but was quite adequate for the job. I found the most
Adrian Turner
Jul 30

Re: CN35/167 - Cabin Plywood/Veneer Clarification

I agree on the Teak Veneer. Our CN-54 ketch, 1984 is all teak veneer.  You can also buy just the veneer if you have a good way to re-apply.  I keep a few
Jul 29

Re: CN35/167 - Cabin Plywood/Veneer Clarification

Hi Jorgen, To the best of my knowledge, C&N stopped using mahogany as the standard veneer for their interiors in the 60s, so without seeing the interior, my
David Seer
Jul 29

Re: CN35/167 - Cabin Plywood/Veneer Clarification

From my experience replacing some pieces, I believe the original cabin veneer must be Burmese teak. I recently replaced the door to the storage compartment
Jul 29

Re: CN35/167 - Cabin Plywood/Veneer Clarification

Hello Jorgen, I bought ply with teak veneer to do some of the interior work a few years ago from Robbins at Bristol. You can download their list and prices.
Jul 29

CN35/167 - Cabin Plywood/Veneer Clarification

The cabin interior plywood/veneer (panels, doors) as well as frames have faded in the last 2 Years and I am looking at a varnish option, or for a number of
Jul 29

Nicholsons in Puget Sound?

Anyone here in Puget Sound? Any Nicholson 33 owners? Brian Triton Nic 33 Port Orchard/Bremerton
Jul 26

Re: Re : RE: [campernicholson] Raw water Jabsco Pump available for P

Happy for you to send it to UK and I’ll pay postage of course. Paypal/BACS prob best. My address is: Andrew Joad Hollambys Eridge Rd Groombridge Kent TN3 9NJ
    Andrew Joad
    Jul 22
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    Re : RE: [campernicholson] Raw water Jabsco Pump available for Piran

    I am in France. Starter weighs 6 kilograms, raw water Jabsco pump weighs 3.5 kgs. Envoyé depuis Yahoo Mail pour iPad À Jul 21, 2015, 13:10:13, Andrew Joad
    Jean-F. Regnard
    Jul 22

    (no subject)

    Jean, I would like to accept your offer, but have no idea of the cost of shipping. I have a Nic 40ac which still has its Piranah. Could you find out what
    (no author)
    Jul 21

    spray nic 35 1984 hull 215 flag blue for sale

    group at yahoo,   Spray sailed from Southampton to boston in 1984 and she  has given me 31 years of great sailing up down new England coast since. I now have
    Jul 21

    Re: Raw water Jabsco Pump available for Piranha IV engine

    Dear Jean Francois, I’d be grateful for the starter motor as a spare for mine. Where abouts are you as I’m in UK but boat is in Valencia. Regards Andrew
    Andrew Joad
    Jul 21
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