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522Re: What's the best camo in the world?

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  • rambozo79
    Oct 11, 2003
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      This is something that I am quite interested in as well. But I
      haven't found any information in regard to how camouflage really
      works. and what would make it work well in varied environments. So I
      have to kinda figure it out for myself.

      As I said in a previous post, I think its contrast that really makes
      camouflage work. That and a wide/simplistic pattern. Tiger stripe is
      good because it has a lot of black and that is good for contrast. But
      its a pretty compressed pattern. And at distance it dithers to a
      solid. So I think a more spacious pattern would be better.

      Also, its harder to balance contrast with more varied color. This is
      why I believe in low color. I actually think a simple 2 color
      camouflage can work very well. a generic base color with a black
      overlying pattern. or you can use a multi color base but keep the
      base colors low in contrast. use the same shade of colors and maybe
      blur them into a gradient. Because all that needs to be done with the
      base is establish color. the overlaying black pattern I think is what
      should be used to establish contrast. And black is good because it
      simulates shadow. and shadow is common across environments.

      But a thing I'm still unsure about is what the best color to use for
      the base is. I have ideas in this regard, but I still question
      weather they work. What is needed is a very versatile color that
      blends equally well in varied environments. All colors can be broke
      down into 3 base colors, Yellow, Red, and Blue. Now we know how these
      different colors blend to create the colors found in different
      environments. of course Yellow and Blue can blend into green. And
      Yellow and Red blend into brown. So is it true to say that yellow
      blends equally well with green as it does brown? I guess the real
      question is: Can certain colors appear as different colors based on a
      surrounding color? And another question: is this better than a
      multicolor base?

      Also the shade of color I think is very important. Shade is probably
      more important than the actual color used. The shade has to match the
      environment. This is another thing that is hard to achieve when
      trying to create a versatile camouflage. This I think should be
      guaged based on an average shade among the different environments.

      The more I come to understand camouflage, the more I question how it
      works. Its all based on optical allusion. Its all about tricking the
      eyes. And certain patterns can have a certain effect on the eyes.
      This might help explain why certain patterns like cadpat and marpat
      work well. Or it might just be that these digitized patterns are low
      res. And its a lot easier to create a repeating pattern in low res
      than it is in high res. Regardless it still probably creates an
      effect on the eyes that the more conventional patterns do not. But
      the same I think can be true in regard to color, not just patterns.
      Since camouflage is based on optical allusion, you must realize that
      its not important how things are, but more important how things are
      perceived. This is a reason why camouflage is much more complicated
      than most people realize.

      Just some of my thoughts.

      --- In camouflageandcombatgear@yahoogroups.com, "schliemann001"
      <wmosswmoss@y...> wrote:
      > This is the type of info I've been looking for since signing on to
      > the list!!! Two questions : 1) how is the efficiency of different
      > patterns evaluated (I know, you'll tell me to walk off into the
      > woods and ask someone to find me...) and 2) how do you rate
      > such as British DPM (you're from the UK!) and "revolutionary"
      > digitals such as CADPAT or MARPAT?
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