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Fw: Posts from David Murray | HeadHeartHand Blog for 05/30/2013

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  • Slabbert Le Cornu
    Posts from David Murray | HeadHeartHand Blog for 05/30/2013Psalm liefhebbers, sien hier onder. Groete Slabbert Le Cornu http://proregno.com/ From:
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      Posts from David Murray | HeadHeartHand Blog for 05/30/2013Psalm liefhebbers, sien hier onder.

      Slabbert Le Cornu

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      Top 70 Online Resources on the Psalms
      By David Murray on May 30, 2013 07:01 am

      Over the past 4-5 years I’ve been collating and cataloging online resources for teaching purposes. Recently I started posting some of these links on my blog. Previous posts include Top 200 Online Preaching Resources, Top 200 Online Leadership Resources, Top 300 Online Counseling Resources, Top 60 Online Resources for Battling Porn, and now Top 70 Online Resources on the Psalms. They are posted in chronological order with the most recent first.

      Usual disclaimer: Link does not imply full agreement or endorsement.

      Book Reviews | Review: The Psalter Reclaimed – The Gospel Coalition

      Amazon.com: The Psalms of David in Meter

      Oceanside URC » A Christian & Reformed Church in North San Diego County » Why We Sing Old Testament Psalms

      The Psalms of David – Sung a cappella

      Article | First Things

      BibleX: The Psalms and Heroes of the Faith

      How I stopped worrying and learned to love the Psalms (3) | Defeating the Dragons

      The Recapturing of Lament as a Christian Practice

      BibleX: The Importance of Structure for Understanding Psalms

      Three Possibilities Preaching Psalms | Biblical Preaching

      BibleX: Titles in the Psalms

      Psalm 8 chiasm | vassal of the King

      Jesus Sings – Desiring God

      Lament | Tim Archer’s Kitchen of Half-Baked Thoughts

      The Psalms in Christian life

      Don’t Sanitize the Psalms – The Gospel Coalition Blog

      Psalms and Hymns: Confusing the Covenants and Testaments « Scripture Thoughts

      Preaching the psalms | The Proclamation Trust

      A Useful Resource for Psalm Singing | Heidelblog

      Jesus and the Psalms by L. Michael Morales | Reformed Theology Articles at Ligonier.org

      A Brief History of the Covenanters and Psalm Singing.wmv – YouTube

      Read the Psalms on your knees | The Briefing

      The Book of Psalms for Worship « URC Psalmody

      Jesus’ Diary | Gentle Reformation

      BibleX: Gaps in the Psalms

      BibleX: The Psalms in Jewish Liturgy

      O Sing a New Song to the Lord – Psalm Sing, Christ Church – YouTube

      Does the Psalmist Believe in the Afterlife? | Denny Burk

      Home – “Sing Psalms to God”

      What the Psalms Do – Desiring God

      5 Reasons Why I Love Preaching Psalms | Biblical Preaching

      Teaching One Another In… – Feeding on Christ

      Psalms for All Seasons: A Complete Psalter for Worship

      “Things to Remember on the Long Walk Ahead” by Phil Johnson | Reformed Bibliophile

      BibleX: Brueggemann’s Essential Books on the Psalms

      Tune My Heart to Sing Thy Grace | Preaching Today

      Praise the Lord: Psalm 150:: Westminster Seminary California

      Resources for the psalms | The Proclamation Trust

      Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs:: Westminster Seminary California

      BBC Four – Musical Traditions, Make a Joyful Noise:the Metrical Psalms, The unique experience of Psalm singing

      A Puritan’s Mind » Exclusive Psalmody

      The Psalter: Smartphone of the Soul | Gentle Reformation

      Sing the Psalms | Meet The Puritans

      Do Our Worship Songs Have Room for Lament? – Justin Taylor

      How the Psalms Both Express and Shape the Emotions of God’s People – Justin Taylor

      A Worship Revolution « Gentle Reformation

      Scottish Metrical Psalter for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

      You Asked: Did the Apostle Peter Have a Bad Hermeneutic? – The Gospel Coalition Blog

      The Practicalities of Psalmody « The Persistence of Song

      Ten Principles for Church Song (Part 1) – Kevin DeYoung

      Dale Ralph Davis on Preaching and Praying the Psalms « unashamed

      Christ’s Inner Life…In the Psalms « unashamed

      Koinonia: Blog Tour – The Essential Bible Companion to the Psalms

      Responses to Lane and Others on Recovering Reformed Worship « Heidelblog

      Psalm 51:7-9 – Clean Me and I will Be Clean! « Reading Acts

      Word Balloons for Psalm 52 | The Scriptorium Daily: Middlebrow

      Psalms: The Players « Christ the Truth

      Don’t be afraid to preach to the affections | The Proclamation Trust

      The Psalms as Christian Worship: Google Books

      How to Preach Jesus Using the Psalms by Jason Hood – ChurchLeaders.com

      Christ in the Psalms (Part II) – Second Presbyterian Church

      YouTube – Psalm 23 to St Columba

      Songs That Prepare Us for Death – The Gospel Coalition Blog

      Recordings « Psalm Singing Online – psalm-singing.org

      Carson MP3s from Australia – The Gospel Coalition Blog

      Growing to Love the Psalms « YINKAHDINAY

      Why Sing the Psalms in Worship? 10 Reasons « Wrath to Riches

      Why Sing Psalms? « Heidelblog

      The Historical Use of the Psalms

      Imprecatory Psalms: Desiring God

      William Ames on Singing Imprecatory Psalms | Meet The Puritans


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      Check out
      By David Murray on May 30, 2013 06:58 am

      New understanding of brain receptor may help fight neurological disorders
      We don’t hear many prayers for God’s blessing on drug research. Just as well He does bless without our prayers.

      How can single mothers raise godly young men?
      As more single women are coming to Christ in schemes, a key question is: “How can we raise Godly young men when the father is absent, and we’re on our own?”

      33 Reasons to Abstain from Porn
      Jason George: “To give myself a fresh shot of motivation, every single morning I remind myself of 33 reasons why I must abstain from porn. I call it ‘My Personal Purity Motivation.’ It usually takes me about 5 minutes to read through it or to listen to it on my iPod.” (HT: Jim Hamilton)

      How were people saved in the Old Testament?
      Great answer from Graeme Goldsworthy.

      Why every pastor should read about Melissa’s suicide
      You’ll need a strong heart to read this post, and even stronger to read the book. May God grant the strength.

      Why one young Houston couple won’t leave $4Billion fortune to their three children
      I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at that family conference.


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      Amazing People: Jack Westerink
      May 29, 2013 07:58 pm

      A couple of years ago a godly, gracious, and gifted man, Jack Westerink, was diagnosed with ALS. Jack’s family, friends, church, and community were devastated as he soon had to withdraw from his numerous public roles, especially from being Principal at his beloved Rehoboth Christian School.

      Jack and his family have continued to lift up the name of the Savior throughout this extremely painful struggle and yesterday they were given a wonderful birthday surprise when Jack turned 59. You can read more about it here on his blog, but, in summary, the whole school turned up in his front yard and sang him Happy Birthday and then “Praise God from whom all blessings flow.”

      You can watch the beautiful birthday surprise here.

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